Grateful Doggies Rescue Family

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THANK YOU FOR FOSTERING and being such a big part of saving lives! We are truly grateful!

Things you should and shouldn’t do with your foster dog are listed below:


  • Love them unconditionally!
  • Play with them, see what they enjoy to do
  • Take them on a leash walk in addition to play time in a safe fenced-in area in your yard if you have one to get them used to a leash and the sights and sounds during walks
  • Make sure to give them all the medicine provided as instructed
  • Take as many pictures as possible because one picture is worth a thousand words and one video is worth a million words
  • Please share pictures of your new Foster dog with your friends and family and on social media. Please suggest that interested people first fill out an application on our website at gratefuldoggies.org. regardless of the situation or how you know them - it is our policy not to schedule meet and greets for families/individuals that have not applied and been approved


  • Do not take your Foster dog to a vet without our knowledge or without prior approval
  • Do not take your Foster dog to a groomer without our knowledge prior or prior approval
  • Do not give your Foster dog a bath in the first three days, your foster dog is still adjusting and needs time to acclimate - in the meantime you can use a damp wet rag to clean their coat only
  • Do not introduce your Foster dog to other dogs besides the ones that you own and we know about
  • Do not take the dog to a dog park
  • Do not take the dog in public two stores such as PetSmart, Petco, or any store in public
  • Do not introduce the dog in the first few days to anyone besides your family that we are aware of – keep his/her world small in the first few days, everything is new and your foster needs time to adjust
  • Do not give the dog any supplements, vitamins, etc. (unless we have provided) them without prior consent
  • Do not set up meet and greets for the dog or tell anyone the dog can be theirs without our knowledge. Absolutely no meet and greets unless people are approved.

Please adhere to the above guidelines, we know it seems stringent but we still possess the dog and have implemented these rules not only from research but from our experience along with fellow rescues experience. It is very important, especially the first 2 weeks to allow a dog to properly decompress. We only have so much knowledge and by not adding any additional stressors it will allow us to better evaluate the dog and place them in the perfect home. Our numbers are listed below and you can always reach one of us with any and all questions. THANK you so much!

Amanda, Foster Coordinator 720-545-3113

Erin-Adoption Coordinator 845-800-8223

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