Grateful Doggies Rescue Family

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The Rescue Sunflower Project

The Rescue Sunflower Project is a grass roots movement founded by The Grateful Doggies Rescue Family in hopes to channel the energy and resources of the public and fellow rescues to find a solution once and for all for the unnecessary deaths of dogs in U.S. shelters that average 750,000 each year.

Each day our family along with rescues across the country, pour our hearts and souls into our mission to save the many dogs in need in shelters before they are euthanized, what if we stopped the problem at the roots? Unity is the most important thing lacking amidst all of the amazing rescue efforts and we want to bring everyone together, united as one force looking to end the problem for good.

The project focuses on a future of control with the situation in shelters across America. A future where dogs do not get euthanized because there is no space and no resources to help them find a new, loving family and place to call home ….forever.

Through the beauty of Sunflowers,  we as a nationwide family will memorialize those lives lost, make the public aware to end ignorance and continue to grow until we’ve reached our goal.  As we grow, inch by inch, the momentum grows and our goals expand.

Unlike big corporate fundraisers, 100% of proceeds goes directly to the cause in the form of support and funding for rescues with complete transparency to make this dream a reality.